Travis Scott Speaks out about Astroworld Festival Situation

Travis Scott is speaking up complying with deaths as well as injuries at his Astroworld songs festival in Houston, Texas.

The “Highest in the Room” rap artist, who curated the schedule of the night and also was the Friday headliner act, in addition to the musician Drake, required to social media sites to share his grief over the November 5 tragedy, which took place when the crowd surged during his performance.

In a statement uploaded on Twitter, Scott wrote, “I’m absolutely devastated by what took place last night. My prayers go out to the families and all those impacted by what happened at Astroworld Festival. I am committed to working together with the Houston community to heal and support the families in need.”

He took place to thank the Houston Cops Department, the Houston Fire Division, and also NRG Park, where the event was held, for their “prompt action and assistance.”

The Astroworld event, which was planned to run for two nights with musicians like Bad Rabbit as well as Young Troublemaker carrying out at the Saturday occasion, terminated its second evening program over the casualties.

While even more information are still emerging concerning just what transpired, at least 8 people were eliminated, as well as loads more injured, as a result of a crowd surge at the packed event, which flaunted more than 50,000 individuals. According to Houston mayor Sylvester Turner, the age of the dead ranged from 14 to 27.

In a news conference held one day after the occasion, Houston Fire Principal Sam Peña said that “ratings of people” were injured in the crowd.

” The crowd for whatever reason started to press and rise towards the front of the phase, which triggered the people in the front to be pressed,” Peña claimed. “They were not able to run away that situation.”

Along with the crowd surge, Peña confirmed that there were “numerous instances” in which Narcan needed to be carried out to performance goers. A security officer was likewise apparently pricked by an unknown needle in the crowd, and given the life-saving medicine, which is used to deal with numbing overdose in emergency situation situations.

In a declaration, Texas Guv Greg Abbott said of the occasion, “What happened at Astroworld Event last evening was awful, and our hearts are with those that lost their lives as well as those who were injured in the scary group surge.”

Video clips from the event, per The Daily Beast, show Scott pausing his performance as an ambulance moves with the group to aid a concert goer. Nonetheless, shortly after the time out, Scott continues his performance. It’s vague how much Scott can see concerning the fact of the circumstance from the stage.

Scott is encountering backlash on social media sites from the occasion, with many responding to his statement to criticize him for not quiting the program earlier. Others, nevertheless, criticized the concert coordinators for what they called insufficient security procedures at the occasion.