High-Rise Shootout in Atlanta

Early on Wednesday, in a luxury apartment building in Atlanta’, a man killed a woman and then died during a shootout with police, according to police.

A little before 3:30 am, Fulton County police got calls about a shooting in a highrise. According to Atlanta police Chief Rodney Bryant, offers arrived within five minutes.

High-Rise Shootout in Atlanta

Once on the scene, officers discovered that the shots were coming from the 21st floor of the building. The officers approaching the building saw a man shooting at them with a rifle from a balcony. Police then returned fire, the GBI said.

In one of the city’s tallest residential buildings, the Atlantic House Midtown, officers found the woman dead inside the apartment where she lived. According to the GBI, Jarvis Jarrett, a 32-year old from Milledgeville, has been identified as the shooter and was found dead on the balcony.

High-Rise Shootout in Atlanta 1

Police said that because there was no forced entry, they assumed that the woman and man knew each other. Police don’t know if the man was visiting or if he lived in the building as well.

Because several fired rounds entered other apartments, police have checked the other units but haven’t found any other victims.

High-Rise Shootout in Atlanta 2

Atlanta police have called in the GBI to handle the shooting part of the investigation since there was a shootout with the suspect. That is the standard operating procedure when officers discharge their firearms. The Atlanta police are investigating the shooting incident, including the death of the woman.