Armie Hammer Still In Rehab

Armie Hammer entered into a drug and alcohol treatment center over six months ago, and the actor is still there, committed to doing whatever it takes to get better.

Armie Hammer Still In Rehab

Sources near Hammer say that he is “thriving” at a substance abuse treatment center in Florida; the people around him feel like he has made huge strides in recovery, and you can tell the difference by the tone of his voice.
We also hear that he’s taken this time to build back the relationship with his loved ones, communicating with them regularly and sharing his growth.

Armie Hammer entered into a drug and alcohol

There is no date set for when he will complete his treatment, and we just know he’s willing to stay until he gets better. The “Call Me By Your Name” actor understands what kind of direction he was headed in before going to treatment, and he doesn’t want to regress.
Recent reports show Noah Reid has replaced Armie in the Broadway show “The Minutes.” But, sources say that Armie never actually signed on for the roll.

Armie Hammer in substance abuse

Armie was admitted into rehab for alcohol and drug treatment back in May. He is also seeking treatment for sex addiction after several women accused the actor of sexual abuse.
Armie and his wife announced they were splitting in July 2020, but the divorce isn’t finalized.