80,000 Truck Drivers Wanted

The trucking industry is looking for 80,000 drivers due to shortages. This number is a record high for the industry.

80,000 Truck Drivers Wanted

Are the Supply Chain Problems are Near an End?

The industry was already facing a shortage of 61,000 in the labor force before the pandemic. We are looking at a 30% spike in demand for truck drivers.
Drivers are dropping out of the industry and retiring and record rates. Also, the increase in consumer demand for goods is causing a logistical bottleneck.

A supply chain backlog has been created at the US ports because there aren’t enough trucks and drivers to pick up the containers. President Biden has ordered ports along the southern California coast to move into 24/7 operations. However, the ports can’t work around the clock because they don’t have enough drivers to move the cargo.

Truck Drivers Wanted

North America’s Biggest Container Port Faces a Record Backlog

Truck drivers move 71% of our economy’s goods, but that only makes up about 4% of the vehicles on the roads. The trucking industry will see a shortage of 160,000 drivers in under ten years if nothing is done.

Truck Drivers

Hundreds of billions could be allocated for the transportation industry if the bipartisan infrastructure bill waiting for action in Congress gets passed. The bill would grant 3,000 truck drivers between 18-20 to begin training and allow them to drive across state lines. As of now, drivers need to be 21 to do this.