Zatseping - extreme sports or youthful in your head? The answer will surprise you!Do you know what grabbing is? Zatseping is a new hobby of young men, which is to take a ride on a train, clinging to the wagons outside for various handrails or stairs.Zatseping can be on a trolley bus, train, bus or train. This new “pleasure” cost the lives of many young people already. The Internet is replete with videos showing the disruption of a grabber from a train with a fatal outcome!Therefore, I could not be silent! After all, catching is a game with death! In this video, I will explain in detail why young people are so drawn to play in catching, as well as where to look for a useful alternative to this activity.Remember that you are paying a fine for grabbing, and this is not always money. Very often - this is your own life.


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