Burnt Sacrifice Kansas City Rub makes the meat taste Beefier. It is great on all red meats including lamb. It also works well on chicken, and gives a different slant on traditional ribs.Imagine the whiff of lemony coriander and buttsery celery seed with California garlic and onion. These all-natural spices are perfectly balanced with the salt and sugar for quick acting flavor to bring out the inner essence of meat. And yes, we add a dash of paprika for more depth of flavor, but this is not a potato chip rub. This is about meat and the lovers of the basic taste of meat.Kansas City is a beef-town in the manner that Memphis is a hog-town. It is the destination of the cattle trail that starts in Dallas. Naturally they eat pork, fish, and chicken like any good barbecue town, but they love their beef. This rub is an ode to the earliest Kansas City styles with a little flourish to really highlight the wonderful taste of meat without heavily seasoning it in any specific direction. For a distinctive Kansas City specialty, try this rub on burnt ends, the flavorful pieces cut from the ends of smoked beef brisket.Is it a season or a rub salt? Well, BBQ lover this rub really does double duty. Nearly weekly my mother calls me up and tells me about something else she just put it on. From fried potatoes to eggs to whatever you would put season salt on. I add some to a tuna fish sandwich and it brings to light some great flavors. Now there is hardly a time where I dont sprinkle some on my fried eggs.


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