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How to tie a Snell knot onto a Spade end hook no eye using Hook-Eze, the amazing multi function fishing tool. In this video Ross is using a Simple Snell Knot to tie the line to a hook with an eye, passing the tag end through the eye to begin with then wrapping the line around the shank using Hook-Eze. The barbs of the hook are safely stored inside the case so no more injuries when. Customer service was excellent. I had previously bought the smaller Hook-eze but it was too small for most of my bass hooks and lures. The smaller one will fit a 4/0 hook but not one with an offset. The snell knot was originally invented in Great Britain for eyeless hooks. It keeps the fishing line aligned with the shank of the fishing hook to preserve strength. It should be tied on hooks with a bent eye so that the line can exit straight without a kink. It is an important knot in multiple hook rigs. The Snell Knot aligns the fishing line or leader with the shank of the hook. Tying it: The Snell knot requires wrapping a loop around the fishing hook. When tightening the knot, hold the turns under your fingers to ensure they snug down neatly.

Double Snell knot- It is made by tying 2 Snell knots to 2 hooks thereby making a double Snell rig. Sliding Snell knot – This is made by tying the latter wraps along the standing part of the line itself and another line carrying one more Snelled hook. It helps in adjusting the distance between the two hooks. If you want to better your catching rate when you go fishing, there are plenty of stuff that you need to take into account, and one of the matters that you have to consider is learning how to snell a hook. The reason for the invention of snell hooks are eyeless hooks, and the two main types of it are the uni knot and the traditional snell. Fishing knots are a critical link between you and the fish. Educating yourself with how to tie various types of knots can be very helpful in the long run. Certain knots, such as the snell knot, are better suited for certain applications. So, what is the snell knot and why is it an important knot to. Snell Knot - Traditional Tying Instructions. Insert one end of leader into hook eye toward hook barb and other end into eye away from hook, forming a loop below the hook. Holding hook and leader with thumb and forefinger of one hand, begin making wraps around hook shank and leader towards the hook barb with the loop of leader. Hooks tied with a Snell Knot provide an even, straight-line pull to the fish. Scroll to see Animated Snell Knot - Uni Version below the illustration and tying instructions. Snell Knot Tying Instructions. Run a line through the hook eye and down the shank of the hook. Form a loop below the hook with the line.

There are several advantages to using a Snell Fishing Knot. First, this knot can be tied with monofilament, braid, or fluorocarbon line. Second, this type of knot stays in line with the shank of the hook, making it stronger and easier to obtain a good hook set. Third, this fishing knot does not come loose or slip out easily.

Hook Eze Snell Knot

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